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Deploying an AdonisJS application to



This guide is based on my experience deploying AdonisJobs to production on is a great platform for deploying Docker images. It's easy to setup and has a useful dashboard for managing your application.


Before you begin, you should have the following:

  • a account, if you don't have one, you can sign up for free here ;
  • a working AdonisJS application.

Install the Fly CLI

The Fly CLI is a command-line tool that allows you to deploy your application to You can install it by running the following command:

curl -L | sh

Login to Fly

After installing the Fly CLI, you can login to Fly by running the following command:

fly auth login

Dockerize your application deploys your application as a Docker container. So, you need to create a Dockerfile for your application. You can create a Dockerfile by running the following command:

touch Dockerfile .dockerignore

Then, add the following content to the Dockerfile:

ARG NODE_IMAGE=node:16.13.1-alpine

RUN apk --no-cache add dumb-init g++ make py3-pip
RUN mkdir -p /home/node/app && chown node:node /home/node/app
WORKDIR /home/node/app
USER node
RUN mkdir tmp

FROM base AS dependencies
COPY --chown=node:node ./package*.json ./
RUN npm ci
COPY --chown=node:node . .

FROM dependencies AS build
RUN node ace build --production

FROM base AS production
ENV NODE_ENV=production
COPY --chown=node:node ./package*.json ./
RUN npm ci --production
COPY --chown=node:node --from=build /home/node/app/build .
CMD [ "dumb-init", "node", "server.js" ]
# Adonis default .gitignore ignores

# Additional .gitignore ignores (any custom file you wish)

# Additional good to have ignores for dockerignore

Create a Fly application

After creating a Dockerfile, you can create a Fly application by running the following command:

fly apps create <app-name>

Set up your database uses PostgreSQL as the default database. You can create a PostgreSQL database by running the following command:

fly databases create <db-name>

Set up your environment variables uses secrets to configure your application. You can set up your environment variables by running the following command:

fly secrets set PORT=3333 NODE_ENV=production APP_KEY=<app-key> DB_CONNECTION=pg DB_HOST=<db-host> DB_PORT=<db-port> DB_USER=<db-user> DB_PASSWORD=<db-password> DB_DATABASE=<db-name>

Deploy your application

After setting up your environment variables, you can deploy your application by running the following command:

fly deploy

Run migrations

fly ssh console -C "node ace /home/node/app/build/ace migration:run"

Launch your application

After deploying your application, you can launch it by running the following command:

fly launch


In this guide, you learned how to deploy an AdonisJS application to

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me.

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